Alien hamster

About the project

Gyroscope-controlled puzzle-game about an alien hamster who crashed onto Earth and is rolling in his spaceball, collects humans to regenerate and controls gravity to move obstacles

A game about an alien hamster that crashed onto Earth and is rolling around in his ball-like spaceship and uses its powers to change gravity to clear its path and collect humans to turn them into biomass and regenerate.


Sep 15, 2018
Dec 21, 2018

<a class="project_details_text_category" href=""><b>Artendy Malik</b> - 3d</a><a class="project_details_text_category" href=""><b>Holly Parkes</b> - concept art</a><a class="project_details_text_category" href=""><b>Clayton de Haan</b> - music</a><a class="project_details_text_category" href=""><b>Georgy Rakita</b> - coding, 3d, concept</a>

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