My name is
Georgy Rakita

I'm a Game Developer, 3d artist and
a freelance Web Developer and Graphic Designer

I live in London, UK, and study BA Computer Games Arts at the University for the Creative Arts

to discuss your project.

About me

My name is Georgy Rakita and I'm a 23 y.o. Computer Games Arts student from Russia, living & studying in the UK.

I like singing, hiking and rollerblading and occasionally take a photo or two that I like (i.e. I have Instagram).

I'm currently learning 3d modelling (Maya, ZBrush) and texturing (Substance Painter) as well as coding & game development (C#, Unity).

Please see my CV to read more about my education and working experiences (most of which are focused around Graphic Design and Web-Development for now).



Most covers recorded with a help of my friends =)

Contact me

I'm constantly looking for new opportunities.

If you want to discuss a potential project with me, please don't hesitate to send me an email at
Right now I'm in
Brusseles, BEL
and looking for an internhsip
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